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Week Six Recommendation


Let’s review. You are drinking a glass of lemon water every morning; followed by drinking a fruit smoothie; and drinking the correct amount of water at the optimal time ever day.  Great job!

Finally, this week we present different vegan lunch options that are fun to make, nutritious to eat, and portable to take for lunch. Vegan salads in a jar! Lots of variety, easy to make, portability, and great flavor.

Before I started, I shopped around and bought a dozen canning jars – I found the wide-mouth jars the easiest to eat from – and keep the empty box nearby so when I complete a salad, clear the jar, and pop the empty in the box for the following week.

I set aside about one hour on Sunday, make eight jars of salad and the dressing and voilà! I have four lunches for me and four lunches for my husband. I keep the salad dressing in a separate jar, adding it to the salad in the morning I plan to eat the jar of salad. You won’t need much salad dressing (more on that in a later posting). The fruits and vegetables keep fresh throughout the week – and the Gazpacho version (my husband’s favorite) doubles as a starter for a quick, light dinner as Gazpacho soup when I add vegetable juice to the salad instead of dressing. This is the most fun I have had making lunches!!

Below are some links for ideas – not all of them are vegan, but you can substitute meat or dairy ingredients. For instance in the taco salad, instead of cheese, I used cooked rice and found the salad delicious!


Below are photographs of two jars of taco layered salad in a jar along with dressing in separate covered bowl.

Layered Taco Salad in a Jar


Week Four Response


from Edie:

Week five and I’m going strong. I have implemented all of the recommendations plus added a twist by reading labels, having meat once a day, and started to tell friends and family about the changes I am seeing. I no longer drink coffee although I was tempted to do so on Thursday and Friday; only because I had to go away for business. The meetings were informative yet, DRY! However, this became the struggle for me this week. I have become aware of what’s going into my body lately and discovered it is somewhat hard to find foods that are vegan if you don’t bring your food with you, you are forced to make up some strange combinations. However, I did find fruit salad and water to be my friends. Funny things happen when there is water and four ounce cups.You keep going back and meeting lots of people to talk to which, made me the water cooler bebe. I’m having fun making changes. We will see if this continues.

Week Five Recommendation


Wow, nearly a month has gone by and we haven’t substituted any part of your Standard American Diet (SAD) yet! Today must be the day! Well, maybe not today. Today we are going to substitute one of your items you’ve been eating for the past few weeks – your morning piece of fruit!

Today our vegan diet path includes fruit smoothie – vegan style. As you have read from the China Study, plant based diet can be completely sufficient and healthy for us. And the morning fruit smoothie is a great way to start the day.

The link below has terrific smoothie recipes for variety. Adjust the amount to serve you or a household. My husband, Bob, took over the smoothie making procedure at our home a few years ago. He is now the in-house expert with smoothies. In the morning, he assembles different fruits, sometimes adding ginger, spices, chia seeds, kale, or whatever he finds around the house. He fills our entire blender with fruit the night before, stores the blender in the refrigerator, adds ice and fruit juice (or coconut milk for different consistency) in the morning and voila! Breakfast is served! Bob makes enough for five smoothies – we each have one in the morning, store the remaining three in the refrigerator. Then we split one that night and drink the remaining two the next morning. This could not be easier.

So this week’s recommendation is to replace your morning piece of fruit with a fruit smoothie. You elect whether to eat anything else for breakfast. Bob and I found that the fruit smoothie is the perfect way to begin the day (after your lemon water) and are not hungry again until mid-morning snack.

Let me know what results you see!

Top Ten Vegan Smoothie Recipes

Week Three Response


from Edie:

This week went ok. I have been doing something that most people in my health situation should do…read labels on the food they eat. Before I would grab a bag of chips and scarf them down. Now, because I want to make sure the food or snacks I eat are vegan I’m really looking at the labels. I have to watch the sugar content, and salt. Well I have to say something about the lemon water. I have not had coffee since I started it. I also notice my skin is not as dry. I love my lemon water I look forward to drinking it every day. So, this week I’m going to drink more. Hope I don’t turn into a lemon…I’m hooked!

OMG! I want to be just like that when I grow up!!!

70 year old vegan woman:

Week Four Recommendation


Congratulations! We are entering our fourth week and you haven’t had to avoid any of your favorite foods!

This week is the last week we will add to our diet – next week we begin substitutions.

As a review, you are starting your day with lemon water, followed by a piece of fruit, and you are eating an extra snack at least once a day from a list of healthy items.

This week, we will follow the recommendation from website to increase the amount of water we drink and the frequency we drink our water.

How much water should we be drinking? Everyone seems to have a different perspective. One good measurement is the take the amount of your weight in pounds, divide by two, which gives the number of ounces of water. As an example, if you weigh 160 lbs, half of 160 equals 80. So the recommendation is to drink 80 ounces of water, or 10 glasses of 8-ounces of water per day.

Try this out and let me know your results – we are on our way to a vegan diet!

The China Study Ch 1 Summary


The China Study

Chapter 1

Problems We Face,

Solutions We Need

Americans pay more for health care than any other country, over a trillion dollars in 1997, and yet we have the worth health. Diseases of the heart are the leading cause of death in Americans, followed by cancer, with death by health care ranked third. An increasing number of Americans are obese, diabetic, and have other diseases.

Americans receive contradictory nutritional reports daily from a variety of sources – who are we to believe? Recall T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D. was born and raised on a dairy farm, entered research to assist farmers and ranchers. With his personal background, he struggled with research study after study leading him to a single conclusion: plant-based diet benefits are greater than any drug or surgery currently in vogue.

Drs. Campbell not only assert plant-based diets prevent heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and other diseases, they maintain that evidence is mounting plant-based diets reverse many ailments such as “… advanced heart disease, certain types of advanced cancers, diabetes, and a few other degenerative diseases.” (Campbell & Campbell, 2006, pg. 23)

On the same page of the book, Drs. Campbell expand on their claims, citing:

“…we have shown in experimental animals that cancer growth can be turned on and off by nutrition, despite very strong genetic predisposition.  We have studied these effects in great detail and have published our findings in the very best scientific journals. …these findings are nothing short of spectacular, and the same effects have been indicated over and over again in humans.”

After I read the first chapter, I knew I was hooked to complete the book. I hope this information moves the reader to stay with this blog and continue on the way to Veganville.