Week One Response


From Edie:

Here is a little information about me. I am a thirty nine year old woman who has been married / divorced, raised a son and a daughter who are now attending college. So with that being said, you already know that I have seen stress in my lifetime. Now, add diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and a scare with the possibility of having a heart problem should lead anyone to seek help. Unfortunately, not that many do seek help. I have tried to keep rather healthy as I am not over weight. But even skinny people are sick too. I want people to know my story as told by Dr. Katie Nall.

Upon talking with Dr. Nall, I discovered that I might end up healthy if I started some sort of regimen that would lead to a road of longevity. I know being healthy and making the journey to Veganville is a struggle for many who are used to eating meat and all other kinds of savory home cooked foods but I am seeking to be healthy no matter what. Here starts my trip to Veganville.

Week One Challenge:

This week wasn’t too bad. I made some changes to my diet as directed. I added fruit to my diet before anything else that I ate. Usually I don’t eat in the mornings unless my blood sugar is running low. However, I kept up with the change for this week and it has been successful. Because I wanted to start the change I challenged myself and added water to my diet as well. I am not a water drinker unless I am absolutely parched and a coke with ice cannot be found anywhere! I have even decided to cut back on my portions of meat because I know that this is going to be the part that will hold me back from my veganistic destination. I really don’t know if I can stick to being a total vegan. Right now I am just trying to wean myself away from what my body has grown to love. Breads, milk and cheese, I don’t even know what I have to give up but I am having anxiety just thinking about living without those comforts.


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