Week Two Response


from Edie:

Week 2 recommendation:
Well this week I tried to do a little vegan research I watched the video posted to the recommendation regarding the lemon water. I kind of looked in to it a little deeper. The one thing I love about the lemon water is that it stopped my craving for coffee. I have found that it really cleans you out! Also, I used to wake up with a post nasal drip and I’ve noticed that I only blow my nose once in the morning instead of all morning long until lunch. I am assuming that the lemon water has some good effects. I found that sipping on the lemon water made like a hot tea in the morning worked great for me by the time lunch comes around my sugar was not high. Also, My appetite wasn’t as ravenous as before the lemon water. In the middle of the week I noticed I wanted some type of sweetener in my lemon water I don’t know what that was all about but I did add Splenda to my tee by Friday morning. Now about the meat thing…I took the liberty of researching how we get our meat to the table. You can imagine the videos that I endured.  Yes I’m still anxious but I’m anticipating on making this veganville trip a success. Can’t wait for week three. So far so good.


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