Week Four Recommendation


Congratulations! We are entering our fourth week and you haven’t had to avoid any of your favorite foods!

This week is the last week we will add to our diet – next week we begin substitutions.

As a review, you are starting your day with lemon water, followed by a piece of fruit, and you are eating an extra snack at least once a day from a list of healthy items.

This week, we will follow the recommendation from http://rawforbeauty.com/blog/ website to increase the amount of water we drink and the frequency we drink our water.

How much water should we be drinking? Everyone seems to have a different perspective. One good measurement is the take the amount of your weight in pounds, divide by two, which gives the number of ounces of water. As an example, if you weigh 160 lbs, half of 160 equals 80. So the recommendation is to drink 80 ounces of water, or 10 glasses of 8-ounces of water per day.

Try this out and let me know your results – we are on our way to a vegan diet!


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