Week Five Recommendation


Wow, nearly a month has gone by and we haven’t substituted any part of your Standard American Diet (SAD) yet! Today must be the day! Well, maybe not today. Today we are going to substitute one of your items you’ve been eating for the past few weeks – your morning piece of fruit!

Today our vegan diet path includes fruit smoothie – vegan style. As you have read from the China Study, plant based diet can be completely sufficient and healthy for us. And the morning fruit smoothie is a great way to start the day.

The link below has terrific smoothie recipes for variety. Adjust the amount to serve you or a household. My husband, Bob, took over the smoothie making procedure at our home a few years ago. He is now the in-house expert with smoothies. In the morning, he assembles different fruits, sometimes adding ginger, spices, chia seeds, kale, or whatever he finds around the house. He fills our entire blender with fruit the night before, stores the blender in the refrigerator, adds ice and fruit juice (or coconut milk for different consistency) in the morning and voila! Breakfast is served! Bob makes enough for five smoothies – we each have one in the morning, store the remaining three in the refrigerator. Then we split one that night and drink the remaining two the next morning. This could not be easier.

So this week’s recommendation is to replace your morning piece of fruit with a fruit smoothie. You elect whether to eat anything else for breakfast. Bob and I found that the fruit smoothie is the perfect way to begin the day (after your lemon water) and are not hungry again until mid-morning snack.

Let me know what results you see!

Top Ten Vegan Smoothie Recipes


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