Week Four Response


from Edie:

Week five and I’m going strong. I have implemented all of the recommendations plus added a twist by reading labels, having meat once a day, and started to tell friends and family about the changes I am seeing. I no longer drink coffee although I was tempted to do so on Thursday and Friday; only because I had to go away for business. The meetings were informative yet, DRY! However, this became the struggle for me this week. I have become aware of what’s going into my body lately and discovered it is somewhat hard to find foods that are vegan if you don’t bring your food with you, you are forced to make up some strange combinations. However, I did find fruit salad and water to be my friends. Funny things happen when there is water and four ounce cups.You keep going back and meeting lots of people to talk to which, made me the water cooler bebe. I’m having fun making changes. We will see if this continues.


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