Week Six Recommendation


Let’s review. You are drinking a glass of lemon water every morning; followed by drinking a fruit smoothie; and drinking the correct amount of water at the optimal time ever day.  Great job!

Finally, this week we present different vegan lunch options that are fun to make, nutritious to eat, and portable to take for lunch. Vegan salads in a jar! Lots of variety, easy to make, portability, and great flavor.

Before I started, I shopped around and bought a dozen canning jars – I found the wide-mouth jars the easiest to eat from – and keep the empty box nearby so when I complete a salad, clear the jar, and pop the empty in the box for the following week.

I set aside about one hour on Sunday, make eight jars of salad and the dressing and voilà! I have four lunches for me and four lunches for my husband. I keep the salad dressing in a separate jar, adding it to the salad in the morning I plan to eat the jar of salad. You won’t need much salad dressing (more on that in a later posting). The fruits and vegetables keep fresh throughout the week – and the Gazpacho version (my husband’s favorite) doubles as a starter for a quick, light dinner as Gazpacho soup when I add vegetable juice to the salad instead of dressing. This is the most fun I have had making lunches!!

Below are some links for ideas – not all of them are vegan, but you can substitute meat or dairy ingredients. For instance in the taco salad, instead of cheese, I used cooked rice and found the salad delicious!







Below are photographs of two jars of taco layered salad in a jar along with dressing in separate covered bowl.

Layered Taco Salad in a Jar


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