Mid-Week Report


Dinner with Edie is always a treat! But this week, she shared a lot of information about how the way to Veganville is progressing. I thought I’d share some information.

On her own, Edie decided to limit meat to one meal a day: either breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The intention of scheduling which meal she will eat meat is causing her to think about what she eats more.

Edie had great questions – one in particular I struggled with at the beginning of my new diet and still question. She asked if I ever opened the refrigerator door, look for something to eat, can’t find any quick food, and close the door. YES! I did it all the time. That’s why one weekend day, I make Banana Pops, or hummus, or cut carrots to have a quick snack. My vegan friend Camille is very disciplined. She grocery shops on Saturday, chops each vegetable or fruit to store in individual containers. When you open Camille’s refrigerator, you are met with a collection of glass jars holding a variety of chopped goodies. Then Camille creates a salad easily by tossing a handful of items together – or cooks a vegan stir-fry with scoops from selected items. Admittedly, I’m not there yet.

We talked about how rice  a part of the plant-based diet and the variety of types of rice. I am fond of Jasmine rice now. On the weekend I cook about 4 cups of rice. Then during the week, I eat rice in a Romaine leaf sandwich with chopped cucumber and tomatoes – YUM!

Edie will have her own report later. I thought you’d enjoy an update from our shared meal this week.


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