Week Five Response


from Edie:

Last week I needed more time to respond to the last recommendation. Only because of having type one diabetes. I struggled with the smoothies for breakfast. I know this will not work out for me. Fruit after the lemon water is just enough for me. My blood sugar spikes on the smoothies. I think it is because of the juice that is needed to blend it up. However, I have left it to just having the fruit after the lemon water. I did notice one good change in my household. My kids (young adults) are eating more salads and fruits because that is all that I’m buying. We love the melon type fruit. I think they are eating them for a meal. This is exciting for me because meals are supposed to have meat. I’m proving that statement wrong. We are learning how to eat healthy and I’m learning how to supplement beans and nuts for meat. I need to tell you about this place I got some vegan soup at. It’s called S and S Takeout in Fort Pierce. I tried the vegan adzuki bean soup. It almost reminded me of chili. It was good. You know sometime you just need a hot meal well, that did it for me and I’m going to start making homemade soups. I’m sure the kids would like it too. I just hope I will be able to keep it in the fridge long enough to take it to work. They eat up everything! I guess that’s a good thing now.




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