Week Six Response


from Edie:

Update: last week was great! I made soup and salads. I had all of my meals prepared in advance. I had it going on! My son lost 21 pounds and I lost 11 pounds. My daughter has yet to get on the bandwagon. I was feeling creative with the cooking and shared my creations with friends and neighbors. I have increased in energy and felt like I can conquer anything! Since the last time I had dinner with Katie I felt like I have accomplished so much. This weekend was a blast. But I noticed a lot about myself. I have to take it easy on the vegetables. They will clean you out (if you know what I mean). I noticed that I’m taking less insulin. I usually take ten units at each meal. Now I’m in a transition mode where I have to eat first then take my medicine. I’m taking five units per meal which is great. I will share with you what I find after I visit the endocrinologist at my next visit. I had to do a lot of adjusting to my insulin. I’m still coffee free and eating fruit in the morning after the lemon tea. So, that’s a good thing.


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