Different ways to feel full



Often when I eat out and order a vegan meal, it arrives doused in oil (primarily olive oil, but oil just the same). Sometimes I even end up with a stomach ache after too much oil. The graph above from RawForBeauty.com depicts how much 400 calories of oil, chicken, and vegetables fill a stomach. When I saw the graph, it hit me – too much oil makes me feel full. I can eat all the raw vegetables I can stuff in my mouth and feel comfortable, but the overdose of oil completely wipes me out. So now I ask that any marinated salads (think Greek olive salads) be served drained or I have even resorted to damping the salad with my napkin to soak the oil before I eat it.  Now I have learned to request no salad dressing other than fresh lemons and I find that a squeeze of fresh lemon is the perfect topping for a fresh salad. Interesting how my taste buds are changing through this process.


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