I’ll take that ‘to go’!


Eating Plants On The Road

Last month, as plant-eaters, we toured Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia to visit important family members. This meant I ate coleslaw and beans while everyone else wolfed down world-famous southern bar-b-q. And I loved it!

Traveling on a plant-based or vegan diet can be interesting. Before the road trip, I practiced by eating at our local restaurants – when we eat at Steak’n’Shake, I know I can order a delicious side salad with a request to add avocado slices on top. Certain chains will allow us to order a buffet salad (eaten by one of us) along with a ‘side’ dish of three vegetables (I usually get spaghetti squash, asparagus, and another veggie). Cracker barrel would appear to offer easy options – but I usually end up with a side salad (no croutons for this celiac).

Now that my family and close friends are aware and sensitive to my diet, they treat me to fabulous delights like the vegan restaurant in West Palm Beach (!), the Greek restaurant in Chapel Hill where the hummus and salads are over the top, and adorable mom-n-pop restaurants in Richmond.

Traveling and eating no meat or dairy can be done! I usually pack a bag of lemons to take with me for my daily lemon water, grab some fruit, and often pack an insulated container with my favorite hummus, some celery and carrot sticks, or stop at a grocery store along the way. See the world and eat healthy, too!


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