Edie’s Vacation Report


From Edie:

Hello I’m back from vacation. I spent the week in Buffalo and Canada just in time for the birth of baby boy George. During my trip I looked for foods that would be deemed vegan. I noticed at the airport there were lots of choices. I saw fresh fruits and vegetables packaged for sale. Although they were quite pricey they were there. So, if you needed to survive in an airport you have choices. While on my trip I did some people watching and noticed people drinking milkshakes which is one of my weaknesses. So, when I came home I made a diabetic chocolate shake. I blended almond milk, cocoa powder, ice, and Splenda. It is really filling and satisfied my craving for the real thing. It only has three grams of sugar. So, it was a nice treat. On my trip I managed my weight by hiking and walking whenever possible. All though I will never visit Rock City again in my life for hiking I believe that trip helped me to keep my girlish figure. My adult kids were home while I was on vacation and I was surprised that they continued to eat the fruits and vegetables in the fridge. My son is slimming down as well and we spend less on food. One thing that vegans can eat are the side dishes like the baked potato salad and other vegetables which are filling. I enjoyed ordering fruit in the morning with my breakfast. I went to a friend class reunion and we brought a bushel of fresh corn to be roasted and sprinkled with lemon pepper seasoning it must have been a hit cause I didn’t get a chance to have one. It only cost 25 dollars and was cheap and fast. Here are some vacation pics. Hope you enjoy!ImageImageImage


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