Vegan Surprise


When I first thought about eating vegan, I thought it would be boring and predictable. As it turns out, the diet has been anything but predictable.

This past week, I ate at my friend’s home. S and G are vegetarians by choice as they are animal activists – they are refuge home for large dogs. S and G are also gourmet cooks and enjoy pampering their guests and any special requests.

Since I have been diagnosed as celiac, S and G have made numerous tasty accommodations to my diet. Now that I am vegan, they have gone over the top.

This week, they introduced me to tempeh. Their version was a soy-free, bean ‘live food’ that is held together by fungus – um, sounds delicious doesn’t it? It was! My friends live in both North Carolina in the summer  and in Florida for the winter. They found the tempeh in Asheville, NC. They thawed the frozen packet of tempeh, cubed, and sauted it for a tasty part of an elaborate and extensive vegan meal!

Most satisfying!


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