High blood pressure and celery


These past few weeks I have spent with a family member who was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia, which is triggered primarily by pregnancy. The signs of pre-eclampsia are many with raised blood pressure as a primary sign.

I felt helpless as she showed no outward signs of rising blood pressure – in fact, high blood pressure has been dubbed ‘the silent killer’ because there are no outward signs. The possible effects of prolonged or extreme high blood pressure are kidney failure, stroke, heart failure, or heart attack.

Recalling the many research projects reported in The China Study, I searched for nutritional assistance. Below are some links to a variety of different options – with a common ingredient of celery.

So I blended a few of these drinks and she good-heartedly drank some of it – without acquiring a taste for any of it. Because she tried the drinks, I knew she could tell the situation was serious.

I am happy to report that she and her baby are home, healthy, and healing. And I am still supporting nutritional options for medicine. Although as her blood pressure spiked, I was deeply grateful for the chemical compounds that immediately brought her blood pressure back to a normal range.


This link allowed me to bring LOTS of chocolate in:


Ah yes, I had lots of cherries for her:


She drank the most of this one:


This drink was too bitter, but she did taste it:


I didn’t try this one, but it was next on the list if she would have finished the other two drinks:


What have you tried for high blood pressure? What are your results?


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