Effect of a Vegan Lifestyle Year


DITI – Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging

Photo from http://www.termografia.com

Documented System Effect After a Full Year of Vegan Life

This past week I had my annual DITI (Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging) which I began years ago to replace my mammogram. Because I had images taken over the years, my practitioner, Acupuncture Physician and Thermographer, Barbara Thurman, A.P., C.C.T. could compare the images.

For those unfamiliar with DITI, here is a brief overview. The thermographer aims a non-invasive camera which photographs the amount of heat generated by different sections of your body. This process does not hurt you – it is a photograph of the amount of heat your body is producing at that moment in time. For a full-body scan, I stood naked in a room of temperature 60 degrees for about an hour, modifying my poses based on the directions of the Thermographer.

After the hour scan and fully clothed, I joined Thermographer Thurman to review current slides and compare them to last year’s images. Ms. Thurman started by asking me if I was a year older than my last visit (!). “Of course, I am, ” I replied. She then shook her head and said, “This isn’t supposed to happen.” This comment is not what a patient expects to hear from a medical provider.

She retrieved last year’s images from her hard disk and showed me the 2013 and the 2014 images side by side. Even with my untrained eye, the difference was noticeable. As she pointed out the status of one issue after another, it all clicked: improved liver and spleen, reduced arthritis, extended circulation, and on and on and on. What had I done differently from last year?

Of course – a full year of vegan lifestyle – no more than 5% meat or meat product along with my 11 years of gluten-free diet had reversed the normal aging process. Even my thermographer who knew of my diet was surprised!

As she explained, each year, our organs deteriorate based on traditional American diet, lack of exercise, and increased stress. My images showed better organs and processes than one year earlier! Yes, sometimes being a vegan proves challenging, but with rewards like good health, it really pays!


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