After I read The China Study, I was convinced that my health, my adult children’s health, and my sibling’s health could be improved with diet change. I felt so strongly about the importance of the information in the book that I purchased nine copies and mailed one copy to each adult child and one copy to my husband’s and my siblings with the enclosed letter:

We love you, we care for you, and we want you to live long healthy lives. Because we care about you, we are sending “The China Study” to you because we wished someone told us this information years ago when it was first available. We are sending this letter with the book to our most loved relatives.

As you know, Katie was very ill for over five years until she was diagnosed with celiac, changed her diet in December 2003, and made an amazing recovery. We have personal experience with nutrition “curing” dis-ease that could not be cured any other way. Because of our experience with nutrition and illness, we are always interested in scientific experiments validating the same.

A friend of ours recommended this book to us this past summer. The title of the book is one study conducted by the lead author, Dr. Campbell. Since the 1960s, he conducted, participated, or oversaw hundreds of similar scientific experiments with nutrition and health. He references additional experiments conducted over the years by highly qualified scientists who published their results in peer-reviewed, rigorous scientific journals, as he did. Dr. Campbell wrote this book at the instance of his wife because of the impact it could have on every reader’s life.

Based on the information contained in this book, we made significant lifestyle changes with direct and immediate effects: (1) we lost weight; (2) we are saving money; (3) we have more energy; and (4) we feel better than we have ever felt in our lives.

We ask that you accept this gift in the manner it is offered: out of love and concern for you and every person you touch. We feel that it is important for you to take the time to read the book and come to your own conclusions. We welcome discussion and feedback.

The Acknowledgment

Then I realized the mistake I made in buying and sending nine copies of the book to my cherished family members. I shared a book based on science research to loved ones who are too busy to read for pleasure! What was I thinking? I am one of the few people I know who actively seek and read scientific based books. My Millennian-aged lunch companion the other day confessed that she was actively researching a lot of different topics. Excited to have a possible reading buddy, I asked her about her current readings.  She said she reads a lot of articles from TIME magazine, just completed the entire article on health care, and was starting the book The Secret. Kudos to her for reading – in today’s world, most Americans read fewer than six books a year (Pew Internet, Feb 2011). But I realized that even if my family read The China Study and if they wanted to change their diet and if they put real effort into it, the process of changing from a standard American diet (SAD) of comfort and convenient foods is difficult if not impossible, even for the most dedicated convert like my husband.

An Option

So how do I affect change and influence loved ones to live healthier, longer lives? Because I give motivational talks on change, I understand the challenges inherent in making change. I decided to create a step-by-step plan to assist others who want to change but are unsure how to proceed. Because my husband was partially vegan, he was not the best subject.

However, coworker Edie was motivated. She was young, energetic, intelligent, and sick. She suffered from diabetes and heart issues the last few years. As I described the results from The China Study her eyes lit up. How could she change her diet while working full-time, feeding her children, and living?

We decided to get together to try The China Study vegan conversion.

The Process

Believing that small changes are easier, the process is to introduce small changes one at a time. My portion of the blog will be to recommend one step I consider easy, supplemented with summary information from The China Study.  Edie’s contribution will be to respond if the recommendation was easy to implement and what, if any, changes she noted. Feel free to comment and provide feedback. We welcome tasty, easy, vegan recipes – especially entrees.


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