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Pros & Cons of Becoming Vegan – AQA Air Quality Alert


*** Warning *** descriptive language about digestion follows *****

Depending on how quickly you assimilate into vegan, you may notice differences in your body.

The main reason I became vegan and promote the diet to others is to live healthier and longer – basically to avoid pain as long as possible. My main reason is a strong ‘Pro’ for becoming vegan.

A side benefit of vegan diet is improved digestion.

When the medical physicians were investigating the cause of my anemia for six years with no answers, the oncologist asked me if I had normal bowel movements. “Yes”, I replied. One month after my Celiac diagnosis and gluten-free diet, in my 50th year of live, I first experienced what ‘normal bowel movement’ meant. It does not mean alternating between diarrhea and constipation with constant almost uncontrollable urgings throughout the day. In fact, at least one alternative medical practitioner told me that everyone should automatically clear the bowels around 6;00 a.m. daily – what???

So what could a vegan diet produce that is a ‘Con’?

AQA – Air Quality Alert – spontaneous farting.

There are ways to reduce the excess air in your intestines. Stop smoking or chewing gum. If you are new to vegan, slowing chew your food completely prior to swallowing (my challenge), limit your consumption of gassier producing foods (beans, cauliflower, broccoli, watermelon, etc.), drink more water, practice Kegel exercises for control.

For me, the Pros definitely outweigh the Cons – I mean, it’s just hot air, right?


Weekend Travel Vegan Style


Even though it takes a bit more effort to make sure that I stay vegan, traveling is a LOT easier over all as a vegan. Prior to my diet change, travel would disrupt my normal digestive system. As a vegan, when I travel, there is little to no change in my digestion – making my travel plans (and return home) much more pleasant. An unexpected benefit!