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Week Three Response


from Edie:

This week went ok. I have been doing something that most people in my health situation should do…read labels on the food they eat. Before I would grab a bag of chips and scarf them down. Now, because I want to make sure the food or snacks I eat are vegan I’m really looking at the labels. I have to watch the sugar content, and salt. Well I have to say something about the lemon water. I have not had coffee since I started it. I also notice my skin is not as dry. I love my lemon water I look forward to drinking it every day. So, this week I’m going to drink more. Hope I don’t turn into a lemon…I’m hooked!

OMG! I want to be just like that when I grow up!!!


70 year old vegan woman:


Week Two Recommendation


In retrospect, I would have made this week’s recommendation first – but here we are. And the process of forming this blog is to find out what works and what doesn’t work.

Continuing with the theme of not eliminating items from your current diet, let’s add a morning ritual to the fruit. This week, purchase seven lemons. Before you eat one serving of fruit first thing in the morning for seven days, cut one lemon and squeeze half the lemon into at least 12 ounces of water. Drink your lemon water before you shower or do anything else to get ready in the morning. Then, continue with your one serving of fruit before you drink your coffee or tea, before you have breakfast cereal, bagel, donut, or anything else. If you don’t normally eat breakfast, then every day, drink your lemon water and eat one serving of fruit before you eat or drink anything else that day. Chew each bite of your fruit serving, counting to twenty before you swallow. The extra time allows your system to produce the necessary enzymes to help digest the fruit.

Again, this week’s suggestion is to not change anything in your current diet – do not eliminate or modify any portion of your normal diet.  You may be wondering – why did I need seven lemons if I’m only using half of one in the morning? Check out the video and you will hear why you want to drink the other glass of lemon water later in the day!