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Overworked and smart


The other day at work one of our team members fell ill. Luckily another team member was EMT trained, called an ambulance, and the ill team member was taken to a nearby hospital where his blood pressure was found to be too high for comfort.

The hospital kept our team member there for three days – no idea of cause or cure – until his blood pressure returned to within normal range. The patient was released – he returned to work site to pick up his car and on the drive home began to fell ill again – so he pulled into the emergency room of the next hospital on his route home.

Again, the second hospital staff offered no cause or cure, but kept him until his blood pressure returned to a ‘safe’ range.

So our team member returned to his car to finally drive home after a week of hospital stays. Except, (you guessed it), he didn’t make it home. Thankfully, a third hospital accepted him to help him lower his blood pressure which had spiked again.

Again, no cause – no cure.

Two weeks later I saw our team member – he had lost considerable weight, his blood pressure was in the normal range and he reported feeling better than ever. What was his solution?

Because no one could tell him what was happening to his body, he decided to research – and chose a vegan diet. He still was unsure what happened to cause his blood pressure to spike. But the results were clear: he felt well enough to stay out of the hospitals, to return to work, and to enjoy life another day. Smart.